About Us

Helping family and friends to get organized and collaborate their shopping experience. An app to build a shopping list. Shop Collaborative - allows you to share your shopping list with family members. Shop Socially - allows you to share you shopping list with friends to cut down the store trip. Shop Smart- builds your favorite local shopping stores. Alerts you when you family and friends are in your favorite store and shopping so you can share your list with them. Suggests baseline price of the product.

Current problem Challenge to solve:

On an average a family member makes once a day trip to a shopping store- huge waste of time,gas and money. On an average two to three times a day trip to the same store by your friends and family members. Some of trips are caused by not knowing what other family members and friends have in their shopping list. Most of the trips are caused by not having a shopping list handy or not communicating to friends and family members about your shopping list.

Future Enhancement:

Access to compare price of your shopping list from multiple local dstores. Analyze your shopping pattern and provide price promotion available from your favorite store. Expands beyond your grocery shopping to other categories. As soon as I enter to a store,app should start prompting where(location) the shopping list item is placed in the store- get Store layout file. App should start giving deals available in that store.